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Around the year 2010, I shifted to a Hyderabad for my job. It was a completely new city for me, no friends or acquaintances. Above all I was shifting from Pune, which pretty much sums up how much of a party animal I was. My initial few days were pretty boring due to the big change. That’s when I got into reading blogs and watching youtube channels.

Everyday, after work, I used to get back to my PG and start reading blogs & going through youtube channels. It started of being a liking, turned into a hobby & then became a part of my daily routine. I got so interested into it that I wouldn’t sleep without reading blogs however late it be. Even after I made a new legendary friend circle, even after getting an amazing roommate, I would just not miss to check out blogs and youtube channel. I was addicted !! Yes, I was !!   :roll:

When people write blogs they tend to influence us in such a way that we feel connected. I remember watching Marlena’s makeup geek videos, she used to talk about everything, what’s going on in her life, her blogs, what problems she is facing, how is tackling all those problems. It shows how connected the bloggers/youtubers are to their followers. :)
There always has been this magic connection between bloggers/youtubers and their followers. Just like novelists and their fans. And, today I would like to share few of my favorite youtubers/bloggers with you guys <3 There is no particular order of the below list.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa Eldridge

I am sure she needs no introduction. Apart from being a renowed makeup artist for world class celebs, Lisa is the currently Creative Director of Lancome! Yes, she is the lady behind many glamorous faces :)
I don’t even remember since when I am following her videos.
She has such a amazing way of explaining every detail of the tutorial she does. Her video have taught me countless makeup application with diverse techniques. Her tutorials are always very concise & her views are genuine & impartial.

Youtube Link :


Marlena –
Marlena –

It was Marlena’s “makeup geek” videos that got me addicted to Youtube makeup channels.
I still remember how me and my friend used to watch her tutorials and try to replicate the look she created.

Her tutorials are always informative and Her looks, always fun & creative. Apart from the makeup tutorial her channel hosts many other series.

I really like how she places her honest reviews about the beauty products. She is very active and entertaining which connects her to the audience.

Her magical eyeshadow looks are to die for <3 …
She is the CEO of Makeup Geek and she has also started her own makeup product range  :-) :-) I wish her all the very best.  Lots of love. :* :*

Youtube Link :

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill –
Jaclyn Hill –

Jaclyn Hill..I love her style.

She is a professional makeup artist, a beauty and fashion blogger, and YouTuber.

I like the way she expresses her views about the products. I always feel connected to her videos. Her screen presence makes us feel that she is sitting in front of us. I really like her recommendations.

Youtube Link :


Mehak – &
Mehak – &

My Favorite and one of the famous Youtuber & Blogger from India.

Mehak runs 2 most famous blogs in India – Peachesandblush and WedMeGood. I am a religious followers of her blogs.

Peachesandblush is one of my favorite makeup and beauty blog. I Love her product reviews. Her blogs have some unique features like the lust list, which is quite impressive. She has also started her youtube channel and I adore it.

Her WedMeGood portal helped me a lot for my wedding. There are so many things that we tend to forget during wedding rush, but Mehak has blogs on almost every little thing possible in weddings. Also, WedMeGood helped me keep up to date with the latest bridal wear, jewelry, makeup, and a lot of other things. She has done an excellent work on her portal and we all love it.

She is definitely an inspiration for all the upcoming bloggers. :)

Youtube Link :


Ankita -
Ankita –

Ankita is a beauty enthusiast and one of the best Indian beauty blogger.

She runs a beauty blog & a youtube channel called Corallista. Her blog consists of makeup & skincare product reviews and tutorials. She has numerous amazing Makeup Tutorials.

What I really like about her is, she always does a very detailed video which helps to understand the makeup techniques better. She has recreated a lot of celebrity looks, party looks, festive looks etc. Her blog and youtube channel has really amazing content for everyone – newbies to pro.

Youtube Link :

Kathleen Fuentes

Kathleen -
Kathleen –

Kathleen is another youtube star. She is adorable!! She never hesitates to talk about anything..whether its about her life or her passion. She is very animated and entertaining. Her product reviews are genuine & her tutorials are extremely impressive. I love her :)

Youtube Link:


I would like to thank all these beautiful ladies and many others. You all doing a wonderful job and are a huge inspiration for all us makeup bloggers.

Hope you all liked my post. Please do let me know your favorite bloggers/Youtubers :)


DeckedUpBeauties <3

  • IWOWDskincare

    I also follow Marlena, Kathleen and Ankita. Tried to watch Jaclyn. Although she is good at what she does but somehow I did not like her. Great post. :)

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • Fresh Face Beauty

    Jaclyn Hill is my favorite too 😀

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Yaay !! <3

  • Bella da Silva

    This is such a helpful post! I’m always looking for new youtubers to watch!

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      I am glad this post helped you :)

  • Lana (crazybeautyland)

    You should check out Teni Panosian & Debasree too :)
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    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      I have seen Debashree channel..She seems pretty cool :) :)
      I will check out Teni, thanks for sharing :)

  • for seven seasons

    I love hearing about new bloggers/youtubers to follow. Thanks!

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Yay !! me too :)

  • Demeler

    Thanks for sharing hun! I will definitely check them out


    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • Linda Libra Loca

    Apart from the Indian bloggers/YTers, which I never even had heard of, I already love every one you chose.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      That’s great :)

  • Anurima@KohlandStilettos

    This is one of a kind post! Thanks for sharing :) My favorites are Michelle Phan and Camila Coelho :)

    Scentbox | A treat for fragrance lovers :

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks Anurima :)
      I liked Michelle Phan too..her voice itself is sooo soothing :)
      I will check out Camila Coelho, Thanks for sharing :)

  • Golden Rim

    Hey this is such a great idea Bhavya :) <3

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • Paola

    Thanks, I willl check them out!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Great, Thanks dear :)

  • Megha Bansal

    That’s a great post I must say. Corallista and Marlena are my favorite too. :)

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks Megha :)

  • Ela BellaWorld

    Lisa and Jaclyn are my favourites from your list, I haven’t heard about the others :)

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Yay!! You must check out others as well, they are amazing too :)

  • Andrea

    Wonderful post! I really agree with you. What captivates me and appeals to me about following bloggers and Youtubers is how they are so genuine and open. They don’t hesitate to talk about what’s goin on in their lives, to do what they can to connect with their followers, and make them feel like they are real life friends. What is sad is how some youtubers who have become successful start to lose that authenticity. But the ones that can stay in touch with their followers and not let fame blindside them? I really admire them!
    Thanks for sharing your favorites, I haven’t heard of some of them but I will definitely check them out!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Absolutely correct Andrea!! Blogger and youtubers influence their followers a lot and I am happy we are a part of a community where most of the bloggers are really sweet and down to earth. :)

  • rach.

    great post! thanks for the new list of youtubers to watch. i’ve actually never watched any of these ladies before!

    love, rach.

    So, hi.

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      I am sure you’ll love them :)

  • Gil Zetbase

    Great review!

    Have a nice week!

    Gil Zetbase

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • Tal

    I looove kathleen lights!

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    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Me too !! She is a doll :)

  • giselle de jesus

    very nice post.

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • Marina Ingvarsson
    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      She is amazing :)

  • Emily

    I really like you’ve chosen people other than the likes of Zoella, Tanya Burr etc!

    Musings & More

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Yeah, I follow them too but I thought of choosing those I can connect to :)

  • Jacquard Flower

    Such a great post! Gemma xx

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • purva@planetbeauties

    I do follow jaqline ankita and kathleen.. They are no doubt my fav too.. 😀 Will check out the other three you mentioned

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Sure babe ! I am sure you will love them :)

  • rakhshanda

    Lisa anytime! Great post <3

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Yayy !!

  • Lenya

    Great post, thx for sharing.


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  • Alyssa

    They all sound great but I’m more interested on Ankita because we have the same skintone :)


    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      That’s nice !! :)

  • Danielle

    I don’t know any of these beautiful girls. I’ll try to visit their blogs and watch their videos to learn more about makeup. Thanks for sharing!


    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      That’s so sweet of you..<3

  • Afro Genik

    Thanks lot for sharing !

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • Carol in a Page

    Lisa Eldridge is definitely my favorite, but I also really like Kathleen Lights!

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      They both are fab ! :)

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    I love Lisa! Her reviews are always so honest, and she doesn’t push any sponsored products. :) She just seems so genuine!


    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Totally !! I love her tutorials and reviews :)

  • Trishna

    Oh my, don’t you just love Lisa and Kathleen. I adore them ♥

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Love love love them :)

  • Melange-Boutique by Noe&Lolita

    so great to know about them cos the sound nice

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

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    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Thanks dear :)

  • Dressed With Soul

    Thanks for sharing! Now I have great stuff to watch!

    xx from
    Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

      Yay !! you will enjoy watching them :)

  • Bhavya @DeckedUpBeauties

    Sure :)

  • Bernadette

    I love jaclyn hill and Lisa Eldridge. x

  • Valentina

    Great choice. I love Kathleen.

    Xoxo from Berlin
    Valentina | DAILY SUIT

  • Sangeeta

    I love Lisa Elridge and Ankita’s tutorials.